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divorce and break up coach

Empowering you to navigate the stormy seas of heartbreak, charting a course to a brighter future.

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Are you facing separation and divorce? Worried about what comes next? How you will cope? Do you need help with co-parenting? Are you worried about your children’s wellbeing?

I specialise in helping people leave toxic relationships and empower them by sharing tools to support their children during difficult family dynamics. I focus on helping you stay balanced and strong regardless of how your ex behaves.

– Prioritising the well-being of children.

– Parenting and co-parenting specialist

– Narcissistic abuse specialist

– Coaching psychotherapy techniques to heal trauma

– Communication and negotiation specialist

I am passionate about help people regain control and move forward to feel happy again. Asking for help is a positive step towards a better emotional future. Book a call for a chat about how working with me can help you learn the tools to move forward.

Eve is sitting on the sofa smiling with her two dogs beside her.

About Eve

My background and training are what make me the right coach for your journey.
Travelling the world as a child, I unfortunately experienced the traumatic separation and divorce of my own parents aged seven years old.

I was rasied by my father in difficult circumstances, and overcame the hurdles of extreme poverty, a difficult single-parent home and encountered loss and mental health issues during my teens. Gaining an education whilst working and looking after my father and younger brother, I learned resilience and determination, leaving me with a passionate commitment to help others and support those in trouble.

Later my journey involved supporting my own children through a difficult and toxic divorce, giving me valuable insight having to represent myself in court hearings.

My advice aims to be both expert and relatable. My approach tailored to your specific needs and uses psychotherapy principles for lasting emotional well-being.

I provide a professional yet warm, safe space for open discussion.

My focus is on helping you manage your emotions, regain your power and move forward to a happy future for yourself and your family.

Eve is sitting on the sofa smiling with her two dogs beside her.

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