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Empowering you to navigate the stormy seas of heartbreak, charting a course to a brighter future.

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About Eve

I’m Eve — an Accredited Divorce & Break Up Coach, author, speaker, and advocate for the broken-hearted.

I help individuals and couples navigate the challenges of separation, charting a course to a new life of possibility and renewal. Specialising in coercive & controlling relationships, I offer therapy and compassionate support to help my clients embrace a future of healthier, happier relationships.

I became a Divorce Coach after 25 years as a Psychotherapist and Professional Development Coach. My life experience -both professional and personal – has shown me the great importance of self-empowerment. When we learn how to heal and give ourselves what we need, we can grow through any experience and set a strong example for the people around us.

As a Sara Davison Elite Divorce Coach and Master Practitioner, I also speak at conferences, public events, and solicitor firms and collaborate with sectors relevant to divorce (mediators, financial advisers, mortgage advisers, and estate planners).

Common Questions

A Break-up and Divorce Coach is a life coach who specialises specifically in the area of relationship breakdown, heartbreak, and separation, including, where necessary how to handle ending a toxic or difficult relationship. Following years in practice as a psychotherapist, I realised that the damage wrought by the end of a relationship may lead to stuck people, stuck lives and damaged families.

What ever stage you are at within the Divorce and Break Up process it is emotionally, practically and financially difficult. At the most challenging time in your life, you have decisions to make that can feel overwhelming and complex. A break-up coach understands the process, whether the separation is amicable and a mutual decision, or whether the situation in complex and may have become antagonistic.

My role as a breakup and divorce coach is to provide you with tailored support that addresses the emotional rollercoaster, guides you in making informed decisions, and helps you untangle the legal and financial intricacies. But it goes beyond that – I’m here to help you find clarity in your situation, create an action plan that fits your needs, and equip you with valuable tools to navigate the emotional challenges.

Think of me as a friendly professional guide on your journey. Together, we’ll explore your feelings, address your concerns, and work towards healing. I’ll be there to help you understand your options, communicate effectively, and lay the groundwork for a positive future. With my experience and insights, we’ll tackle each step, empowering you to move forward with newfound strength and confidence.

Divorce coaching is like having a trusted friend by your side during the tough process of separation. Divorce involves legal stuff, emotions, and lots of changes, and that’s where I come in as a divorce coach.

As a psychotherapist who has worked with individuals, kids, and families, I get how complicated divorce can be. I’ve been through it too, as a child of divorced parents and someone who’s been divorced myself. This means I understand the ups and downs you’re going through.

I’m here to listen to your feelings and worries, and help you deal with the tough emotions like anger and sadness. But I also offer practical advice on things like co-parenting, the legal bits, and how this might affect your kids.

And it’s not just about info – I’m here to help you grow and become stronger. We’ll work on ways to handle stress and talk to your ex-partner when things get hard. Together, we’ll make this journey a bit smoother and help you see a positive future ahead.

Divorce can be incredibly painful, and I’m here to offer you guidance in dealing with the complex emotions of grief, loss, anger, and guilt that often accompany this challenging time.
I provide personalised one-on-one appointments through a range of packages, giving you the flexibility to choose the exact help you need.
Our journey together begins with a 20-minute conversation where we’ll get to know each other and delve into your circumstances. This initial discussion helps me understand where you are in the process, what challenges you’re facing, your concerns about the next steps, and the outcomes you’re aiming for. Sometimes, the vision of life after divorce can be unclear, as focus often lies on finances, the legal process, children’s well-being, or the broader family impact. I’m here to offer guidance on all these aspects and more, engaging in knowledgeable and confidential discussions that address what matters most to you.
Our first Breakup Coach appointment will run for approximately 1.5 hours, providing you with the opportunity to share your story in full. During this session, I will begin to teach you tried and tested tools and techniques that can support you through your heartbreak. We will work on understanding and managing your feelings, while also discussing the steps needed to gain clarity about your situation and emotions. Together, we’ll craft an action plan to ensure you leave the session with full support. Follow-up appointments will be around 1 hour each, building on the foundation set in the first appointment, enabling you to make progress and move forward in your lifes

You might have noticed that I describe myself as a “Break Up and Divorce Coach,” rather than solely a “Divorce Coach.”

This is an intentional distinction. My role is to help you with your heartbreak. The feelings that happen when our relationship ends. All the emotional complexities of grief, loss, fear of the future, unanswered questions whilst at the same time having to look after a home, manage all our responsibilities, and make decisions that can have far reaching consequences.

Navigating through the legalities of a divorce can be a daunting experience. It’s a landscape filled with lawyers, financial advisors, and administrative tasks that often seem overwhelming. Helping you through this whilst giving you to tools to manage your feelings is the cornerstone of my practice. I am here to support you through the emotional aftermath of relationship endings. Whether married or not, heartbreak comes with its unique challenges—grief, emotional turmoil, and the process of de-coupling.

By extending my coaching to encompass divorce and break-up scenarios, I aim to offer comprehensive support for all aspects of relationship transitions, helping you move forward with legal clarity and emotional resilience.

Why consider a breakup coach? The simple answer is that if you are feeling stuck or like you are trapped on a hamster wheel, or simply sad the whole time, then the answer is – Yes!

The reality is, navigating life after a breakup can be incredibly tough, and that’s where I come in as your breakup coach. I’m here to provide you with the essential support you need during this challenging time, offering insights that can make a real difference in your journey forward.

From financial stability to emotional healing, the benefits of having a breakup coach are significant. Financially, my guidance can save you money by helping you avoid hasty decisions driven by emotions. Instead, I provide objective advice that ensures your choices are grounded in careful consideration and strategic planning.

I want you to feel better, feel stronger, be back in charge of your own life. Empowerment is a core aspect of what I offer. I help you regain control over your life, offering coping strategies and effective communication techniques. This newfound empowerment not only aids in managing immediate concerns but also equips you with the tools for personal growth and a more promising future. With me as your breakup coach, you’re not only investing in your emotional well-being but also setting the stage for positive transformation as you move forward.

My knowledge and passion alonside my professional and personal experience which is outlined below, but mostly my belief that people can be in charge of their own destiny. I have seen transformational change happen again and again by applying and teaching my break up coaching tools and techniques.

I have been where you are and I know that it is possible to feel better and create a good future out of dark times.

I am an Accredited Divorce and Breakup Coach with a rich background spanning 25 years in coaching, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy through private practice. On top of that, I’ve embarked on my own challenging journey through a complex divorce and co-parenting experience, which has truly deepened my understanding. I’ve also completed intensive training under Sara Davison’s esteemed Divorce Coach Practitioner Programme, and I’m gearing up for her Master Practitioner training to better assist clients navigating high-conflict and abusive relationship breakdowns.

My professional journey of a quarter-century reflects my commitment to supporting numerous couples going through divorce and separation, always with empathy and insight. What sets me apart is that I’ve been in your shoes – I understand the emotional depths of these transitions not just from a professional standpoint, but from personal experience too. I’m here to support not just couples, but also parents, grandparents, and children, as I strive to be a compassionate and understanding guide for anyone walking the intricate path of separation.

Below I have outlined my current qualifications and will be adding details of further courses and training as I receive them.

Divorce Coaching Training

Member of the International Divorce Coach Centre of Excellence (IDCCOE)

Divorce Coach Practitioner Accreditation Programme with Sara Davison

Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Training

EMDR for Hypnotherapy Training

Diploma – Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy – NSHAP July

Associate Membership of CRAH

General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice – GHR

Diploma in Psychology (Conversion for Postgraduates) – Open University (four year part-time course)

This conferred Graduate Membership of The British Psychological Society

Registered Member of Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

Also, BSc(hons) Philosophy – Essex University and MA – Philosophy – University College London

When seeking a therapist, it’s crucial that they are not only fully qualified but also committed to continuous professional development (CPD). This ensures their memberships are current and aligned with registration requirements. Typically, this involves ongoing confidential supervision and regular participation in additional courses throughout the year to uphold optimal practice standards. During supervision, client confidentiality is strictly upheld, ensuring that while a therapist might seek guidance on specific cases, personal details always stay within the therapy room and remain confidential.

As a breakup coach, I work with both men and women across a wide spectrum of ages and stages. My clients range from young adults and teens grappling with their first heartbreak to older adults facing divorce or separation, all of whom are seeking ways to navigate their feelings and emerge stronger and empowered.

Among those I assist are individuals who find themselves unsure about the fate of their relationship, seeking clarity and direction. Some are in the initial phases of a split, whether it’s been days, weeks, or months. There are also those looking to reenter the dating world, grappling with worries about making mistakes or rediscovering romance after years in a relationship.

My aim is to make your journey as smooth as possible. That’s why I offer a free 20-minute chat – it’s a chance for you to share where you are and what you’re looking for. This is the first step towards regaining control and embarking on a path toward a brighter future.

At times, my clients seek clarity on whether their relationship troubles stem from a natural breakdown or if underlying red flags suggest an abusive dynamic. Coaching individuals dealing with a challenging partner or navigating separation from one requires a certain expertise and assurance to facilitate the process and aid in trauma recovery.

Assisting those in complex or toxic situations demands both specialized knowledge and sensitivity. If you’re feeling trapped in such circumstances, reaching out for support can be particularly daunting, yet it’s even more crucial. In these situations, having someone who understands the complexities and can provide guidance becomes paramount.

Heartbreak knows no boundaries – it doesn’t discriminate based on your background, social status, ethnicity, or sexuality. The emotional toll it takes can be devastating. The tools and techniques which I utilise and teach to aid in healing from heartbreak and moving forward are effective for anyone, regardless of who you are or the specifics of your situation. 

Your journey is important, and I’m here to offer guidance and support, no matter who you are or what your circumstances may be

If you’re uncertain whether this is the right place for your situation or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Every circumstance is different, and whether you’re dealing with heartbreak, divorce, separation, or family breakup, you’re welcome to contact me for a complimentary 20-minute call. You can ask any questions that might not have been covered here. While a website can’t cover everything, even if I can’t directly assist, I might be able to guide you to someone who can help you with your unique situation. Your journey matters, and I’m here to provide the support you need.

Do you know the impact on you as an employee going through a breakup or divorce in the workplace? Do you know how it can impact a businesses bottom line?

Recent research from the Positive Parenting Alliance shows that:

90% of employees said that separation affected their ability to work
95% said that separation impacted their mental health in the workplace
74% worked less well or less efficiently
39% took time off work
12% stopped working altogether
Only 9% of employees said that their employers had a specific policy for separation

This recent research by the Positive Parenting Alliance highlights the intricate connection between personal challenges and work performance, shedding light on how this can ripple through businesses. Anyone who has been through divorce and heartbreak knows how it devastates a person’s ability to concentrate and focus.

Breakup or divorce can significantly impact an employee’s professional capabilities. The research findings are striking: 90% of employees experience reduced work effectiveness due to the emotional toll of separation as the emotional upheaval spills into work life.

Mental health also takes a hit, with 95% of employees admitting that separation affects their well-being at work. Managing emotional overwhelm is a challenge which can impact overall performance.

This emotional strain translates into tangible issues: 74% of individuals report lower work efficiency, potentially affecting teamwork and productivity. Additionally, 39% take time off, disrupting projects and workloads for colleagues.

Surprisingly, 12% of employees contemplate leaving their jobs due to separation. This emphasises the need for tailored support. Unfortunately, only 9% have access to workplace policies addressing such situations.

As a divorce coach, I have seen how businesses can make a real difference by implementing compassionate policies, offering coaching services and flexible work options. This not only helps the bottom line but also retains talent and nurtures a resilient workforce.

Companies small and large are now reaching out to add divorce and break up coaching as part of their employee support. If you feel that your company may benefit from adding a Divorce Coach to your team, please contact me for a chat. I can come to your offices to talk about how this service works.


Reflecting on my journey so far, I am really happy with how far I have come and don’t know if I would have had the self-belief to have gotten here without your help.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and let you know that I am really grateful for the work we did together.
James C
Eve has helped me traverse the breakup of my marriage and subsequent divorce process. But also, through counselling recognise the reasons as to why it happened. To ensure that I will not fall back into old patterns of behaviour in the times ahead.

So that my future of co-parenting is a healthy and positive one. Eve has a calm but direct approach when dealing with the delicate divorce process. I truly believe that my situation would be an incredibly negative one if it weren’t for her knowledge and guidance.
Duncan J
Real men don’t need therapy…’ yes I was a sceptic, and when we meet for that first session I was totally broken. Since then you have given prospective, support, guidance, and challenged me through those darkest and scariest of times. I well be forever grateful for the insight and tools you have empowered me with, that allow me to once again to embrace life and thrive.
Mark R
"Wounds can become Wisdom with the right perspective”.

Thank you for being the right person to show me a new “perspective”. I often think how different my mind and life could be if you hadn't been there at my side. You helped me become whole again!
Sara J
What’s great about the work I’ve done with Eve is that it’s not only a crucial short term intervention and support, I feel I have been actively empowered with tools and knowledge about my behaviour, key relationships, my past and experience.

This work enables me to navigate my life in safe and confident ways and so has had a profound and long term benefit to the everyday quality and happiness of my life
Sarah U
Eve has kept me on the straight and narrow through dark days and extreme situations. She has given me clarity, hope, and pragmatism, clearing the fog of my mind, and enabling me to see the situation far more clearly, and logically than I otherwise would.

I would highly recommend her as a Divorce Coach.
Davil J
Eve has an incredible ability to understand people. She brings so much experience, empathy and wisdom to every session - challenging you when needed, always with compassion, kindness and genuine care. Eve provides frequent light bulb moments along with unwavering support, delivered with amazing insight and patience, while she helps you to find clarity, peace and direction. I particularly value her intuition, honesty and sense of calm, as well as her well timed sense of humour. I am always telling friends how brilliant Eve is and how lucky I feel to have found her as my therapist. Can't recommend highly enough.
Gill M
I have had over 20 sessions to date with Eve and each time I come away from them , having learnt so much, from her endless pool of wisdom and expertise, in managing the joys and challenges, of raising a 12 year old girl. Thank you so much Eve and can't wait for our next session together, as always.
Mark K
When I came to see you, I was struggling with perfectionist thinking. I often think about 'mistake making.' I chuckle to myself as I remember your words about how I need to make mistakes in order to learn and it's part of the process.

I often remember your words, guidance and advice and try to implement the nuggets in my daily life. Thank you, Eve, for all that you have done for me.

Naria P

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