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4 pictures of the same couple in various states of a argument

Handling Conversations When Feeling Threatened: A Guide

Conversations can become challenging when we feel threatened, triggering our instinctual responses of fight, flight,...
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A hand controlling a puppet with strings inside a female head.

Reclaiming Your Narrative to Heal From Abuse

Abuse can shatter your voice and distort your perspective, but reclaiming your narrative is crucial...
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Unmasking Coercive Control: The Importance of Expertise in Toxic Relationship Therapy

As a psychotherapist and break-up divorce coach with 25 years of experience, I've had the...
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a man and woman sitting on the sofa. The man is looking at hos phone and the woman has turned away and looks worried and isolated

A Personal Journey Through Isolation in Relationships

In my own relationship, there came a time when I felt like a mere shadow...
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statue of Bruce Lee

Navigating Heartbreak and Separation with the Strength of Patience: Insights from Bruce Lee

Navigating the choppy waters of heartbreak and separation can feel like steering through a storm...
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Your Holiday Checklist – Navigating your first Christmas alone

As a Break-up Divorce Coach, I hear from Dads and Mums struggling with coping with...
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Breaking Free: How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Embrace Positivity After Divorce and Break-up

Getting away from the limiting beliefs that prevent us from moving forward. Limiting beliefs are...
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