eve stanway

divorce and break up coach

Empowering you to navigate the stormy seas of heartbreak, charting a course to a brighter future.


“Change comes when you ask yourself: What choices do I have, and what drives them?”

As a psychotherapist for 25 years, I believe in empowering my clients to see the real range of choices they have in front of them.

We all need support to get through the most difficult chapters in our lives, and I’m honoured to be a compassionate ear and a source of positivity and hope for my clients.

It’s important to me to prioritise my clients’ needs and make them feel heard. That’s why I’ve kept the same phone number for years, so clients can always find me again if they need more help.

Recently, I’ve decided to focus on helping people deal with the mental strain of heartbreak, separation, and divorce. However, I want all my past clients to know that I’m still here for you. If you need any support or guidance or just want to catch up, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. It’s always lovely to hear from you.

Please book a free 20-minute discovery call if you need support, guidance, a catch-up chat, or if something has happened and you would like to resume our work together. I also very much appreciate it when past clients recommend me to others who need help.

I deeply value all I have had the privilege to work with. I want you to know that I am still there for you and will be here for you as long as you need.

If you’re interested in psychotherapy, please contact me directly for information about charges and payment options.


Reflecting on my journey so far, I am really happy with how far I have come and don’t know if I would have had the self-belief to have gotten here without your help.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and let you know that I am really grateful for the work we did together.
James C
Eve has helped me traverse the breakup of my marriage and subsequent divorce process. But also, through counselling recognise the reasons as to why it happened. To ensure that I will not fall back into old patterns of behaviour in the times ahead.

So that my future of co-parenting is a healthy and positive one. Eve has a calm but direct approach when dealing with the delicate divorce process. I truly believe that my situation would be an incredibly negative one if it weren’t for her knowledge and guidance.
Duncan J
Real men don’t need therapy…’ yes I was a sceptic, and when we meet for that first session I was totally broken. Since then you have given prospective, support, guidance, and challenged me through those darkest and scariest of times. I well be forever grateful for the insight and tools you have empowered me with, that allow me to once again to embrace life and thrive.
Mark R
"Wounds can become Wisdom with the right perspective”.

Thank you for being the right person to show me a new “perspective”. I often think how different my mind and life could be if you hadn't been there at my side. You helped me become whole again!
Sara J
What’s great about the work I’ve done with Eve is that it’s not only a crucial short term intervention and support, I feel I have been actively empowered with tools and knowledge about my behaviour, key relationships, my past and experience.

This work enables me to navigate my life in safe and confident ways and so has had a profound and long term benefit to the everyday quality and happiness of my life
Sarah U
Eve has kept me on the straight and narrow through dark days and extreme situations. She has given me clarity, hope, and pragmatism, clearing the fog of my mind, and enabling me to see the situation far more clearly, and logically than I otherwise would.

I would highly recommend her as a Divorce Coach.
Davil J
Eve has an incredible ability to understand people. She brings so much experience, empathy and wisdom to every session - challenging you when needed, always with compassion, kindness and genuine care. Eve provides frequent light bulb moments along with unwavering support, delivered with amazing insight and patience, while she helps you to find clarity, peace and direction. I particularly value her intuition, honesty and sense of calm, as well as her well timed sense of humour. I am always telling friends how brilliant Eve is and how lucky I feel to have found her as my therapist. Can't recommend highly enough.
Gill M
I have had over 20 sessions to date with Eve and each time I come away from them , having learnt so much, from her endless pool of wisdom and expertise, in managing the joys and challenges, of raising a 12 year old girl. Thank you so much Eve and can't wait for our next session together, as always.
Mark K
When I came to see you, I was struggling with perfectionist thinking. I often think about 'mistake making.' I chuckle to myself as I remember your words about how I need to make mistakes in order to learn and it's part of the process.

I often remember your words, guidance and advice and try to implement the nuggets in my daily life. Thank you, Eve, for all that you have done for me.

Naria P