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Empowering you to navigate the stormy seas of heartbreak, charting a course to a brighter future.

Case Studies

Finding Strength in Adversity: Darran's Journey Through Divorce

This case study illustrates the way divorce can be an incredibly challenging ordeal, due not only to legal battles but also to emotional turmoil and the strain of personal relationships. Darran’s story demonstrates the transformative power of divorce coaching during this process. He was immersed in a difficult divorce, with his ex-wife refusing to sign essential paperwork or make necessary financial disclosures.

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Emma’s Story - From Silence to Strength

Divorce is tough, especially when your partner doesn’t want to talk or deal with anything. This case study from my files shows how I can help turn a hard divorce into a chance for you to grow stronger. It’s about overcoming tough times, finding out what you need to know, and taking back control of your life, even when you have to handle the divorce mostly by yourself, and money is tight.

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