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Divorce Coaching: Christopher’s Path to Fair Resolution

This case study illustrates how divorce coaching helped Christopher achieve a fair and efficient outcome for the financial aspects of his divorce, ultimately saving him legal fees.

Divorce is a deeply emotional journey, often accompanied by complex legal and financial challenges. Christopher, like many, found himself in the midst of such a struggle. He was determined to support his wife financially, yet faced escalating legal battles that threatened to deplete their shared assets unnecessarily. The process was becoming confrontational, with only the lawyers benefiting. Christopher felt bombarded by many opinions and pressures, becoming overwhelmed when all he wanted was to do the right thing.

The Challenge:

Christopher was determined to ensure that he and his wife could start their new lives on a solid financial footing. However, during the negotiations, he felt that the terms kept changing. This resulted in increased legal fees, which was draining the very resources he wanted to preserve for their future. The situation seemed to be stuck in a cycle of contention, with no clear end in sight. This cast a shadow over Christopher’s hopes for a peaceful resolution and a fair division that would enable both parties to rebuild their lives.

The Approach:

In our first session, we spent time talking about the marriage, how it had broken down and how Christopher had reached this point. By under understanding Christopher’s situation, we could form a personalised coaching approach that aimed to break the legal escalation cycle and pave the way for a more positive outcome. Our approach included:

  • Assessment and Planning: I encouraged Christopher to make his own comprehensive assessment of the financial and legal situation. We listed his priorities for the outcome of the divorce. This foundation allowed him to develop a clear plan of action.
  • Emotional Support and Clarity: Recognising the emotional toll of the ongoing disputes and how this did not fit with Christopher’s internal map of how to solve problems, we provided Christopher with the support needed to maintain his focus and composure, ensuring that decisions were made from a place of clarity rather than an emotional reaction.
  • Strategic Shift to Arbitration: To avoid the endless legal letters and the possibility of a court battle, we advised Christopher on the benefits of arbitration. This alternative approach involves hiring a judge to review all aspects of the case and make a binding decision based on fairness and the merits of the situation.
  • Preparation for Arbitration: Working with his solicitor strategically, Christopher was able to prepare for the arbitration process, ensuring he understood how to present his case effectively, articulate his financial contributions and expectations, and demonstrate his commitment to a fair resolution.

The Outcome:

The move to arbitration proved to be a turning point for Christopher and his family. By presenting his case in a structured environment, focused on equitable outcomes, he was able to avoid the unpredictability and expense of prolonged court hearings. The arbitrator’s decision reflected a fair and proportionate division of assets, allowing both Christopher and his ex-wife to move forward, building their new lives with a solid financial foundation.

Most importantly, Christopher felt that he had navigated the divorce process with integrity, supporting his ex-wife financially while also protecting his own interests. The coaching and strategic advice he received meant he created an outcome that respected his values and financial goals.


Christopher’s experience with divorce emphasises the value of careful planning, emotional strength, and considering alternative methods of dispute resolution such as arbitration. By prioritising positive and equitable solutions, it is achievable to lessen the financial and emotional expenses of divorce, enabling both parties to move on with respect and stability. Although there are many ways to resolve the difficulties of separation and divorce the right choice may be hidden in the emotions of the moment. By sitting down with my clients, I can find out what is important to them and their individual style of communication and conflict resolution. This means that I can signpost my clients to a solution that is right for them, reducing the cost of pursuing an unworkable path.

Take the Next Step:

If you find yourself facing similar challenges in your divorce, consider how a strategic approach and the support of a divorce coach can pave the way to a more positive resolution. Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call to explore how we can assist you in navigating your divorce with confidence and clarity, ensuring your financial resources are preserved for building a hopeful future.

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