A hand controlling a puppet with strings inside a female head.

Reclaiming your narrative to heal from abuse

Abuse can shatter your voice and distort your perspective, but reclaiming your narrative is crucial for healing. I’ve found solace in writing, even when it means facing painful memories head-on.

Growing up, my dad’s storytelling wasn’t just about entertainment—it was about control. I learned to follow his script meticulously, even when it meant lying about trivial things like the colour of someone’s eyes. Disobedience wasn’t an option; any sign of discomfort was met with relentless interrogation. I felt trapped, suffocating under the weight of his demands.

Coercive behaviour is like being bound tighter the more you struggle. Victims are made to believe their suffering is their fault, that if they had just complied, things wouldn’t be so bad. It’s a vicious cycle of control and submission that erodes self-esteem and autonomy.

But I’ve learned that true power lies in knowing your own mind. By refusing to argue or justify my choices, I reclaimed control. Recognising my dad’s manipulation allowed me to break free from his grip.

Abuse isn’t just about physical dominance—it’s about stripping away your sense of self. Victims are left overwhelmed and silenced, their needs overshadowed by their abuser’s demands. But it’s possible to reclaim your identity and rebuild your life.

Recovery is a journey, but with support and determination, you can break free from the cycle of abuse. By understanding the tactics of coercion and manipulation, you can rediscover your voice and reclaim your freedom. You are not alone, and healing is possible.

If you find yourself resonating with these experiences, know that you’re not alone. Reclaiming your voice and breaking free from the cycle of abuse is possible, but it often requires support and guidance. If you’re ready to take the first step towards healing, I invite you to book a free 20-minute call with me. We can discuss your situation and explore the support options that are available. Your journey towards empowerment and freedom starts with a simple conversation. Schedule your call today and reclaim control of your narrative.

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